Obsolete Parts

Obsolescence and the ability to obtain qualified replacement and spare parts are primary concerns in the nuclear industry. As your partner, Westinghouse would like to make you aware of an imminent obsolescence challenge that could impact your plant.

Out with the old and in with the new. It’s a familiar adage, but one that has profound connection to today’s “throw-away” society. From electronics to automobiles to appliances, we are focused on obtaining new rather than fixing old. However, in a highly regulated industry, that doesn’t always apply.

Nuclear plants consist of many components, which are thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure they can perform required functions. As nuclear power plants are reaching 50-year milestones on their way to lifespans of 80 years, components that are no long manufactured or qualified to the current regulated standards or are no longer available from the original manufacturers need to be replaced. Testing new parts can be done, but sometimes at a significant cost.

At Westinghouse, Westinghouse Parts Business plays a vital role in maintaining the critical assets of our customers and in helping to ensure safety and reliability through the high-quality spare and replacement parts, component repair services and equipment upgrades we provide.

See below to learn more about obsolescence issues that could impact your plant.